About Us

ADVANCED ARTISAN TRAINING CENTRE (PTY) LTD  was incorporated as a limited liability company on 28 August 2014.Relevant information about the  company: Registered name of company:   ADVANCED ARTISAN TRAINING CENTRE (PTY) LTD  TRADING AS ADVANCED TVET COLLEGE OF  EXCELLENCE

ADVANCED TVET COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE (ATCE) places a high premium on the quality and continuous improvement of its academic strategies, methodologies and processes.  The quality of teaching and learning provision is of critical importance to ADVANCED TVET COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE, its students and its shareholders and stakeholders.

ADVANCED TVET COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE believes that the quality assurance mechanisms that have been designed, together with existing sound and proven successful policies and procedures, will assist this institution to provide good quality teaching and learning delivery.

 Registration number: 2014/168440/07

Tax number:  9859789159


SERVICES SETA NO 13939 - QCTO: QCTOSDP01200303-1922

Postal address: P.O .Box 1548, Lenasia, 1820,

Physical address: 18A Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg South Africa

Telephone numbers: 010 312 6930 Mobile : 083 274 3616                   082 366 3869

Email address: info@advancedtvet.co.za; vasi@advancedtvet.co.za

Website: www.advancedtvetcollege.co.za